Needy things…

I am broken.  Broken body, broken spirit.  Yes it is hard for me to need someone, I’ve had to rely on myself for so long if you look up Independent Woman in the dictionary, there’s probably a picture of me.  So here I am,  lame in more ways than one.  I hate  feeling like I […]

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A mother sacrifices.  She sacrifices for her children without hesitation, even when they turn away from her.  She sacrifices her happiness, her peaceful existence, her  needs – because her needs fall second or sometimes – last.  We often overlook her sacrifice because it has been present so much of our life that it’s been taken […]

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I started this blog a few days after my dad died as an outlet for the pain that had nowhere else to go. I have changed a lot since my dad passed, not all of it good. I am less tolerant, less naive, and less trusting. I have learned that time does not heal all wounds, instead it teaches us how to live with it and still move forward.