One amoung many…

When we are going through something painful we often feel that we are alone; that no one else in the whole world could feel like you do.  Since going through so much painful stuff with my dad’s surgery and death, I’ve realized how ‘not alone’ we really are.  I think the challenge is getting people to share their own fears and sadness with you.  We all want to be strong, at least on the outside, but it isn’t until we lift that veil to show how vulnerable we are that we gain strength.  So many wonderful people shared their own pain with me, their experiences, their fears.  Bravely they admitted that some days it is still hard for them to  feel normal and that it really is ok to be angry.  Lately I’ve tried to take their advice and not let the anger and sadness consume me and sometimes I succeed.  I started this blog so their words could touch many instead of just a few.  The people who write here are strong not because they have made it through something painful but because they are willing to share how they did it.

I read a quote recently that seemed to apply perfectly to ‘us’, “It isn’t how you avoid rough times, it’s how you get out of them that matters.”  Life is rough isn’t it?  Sometimes it down right sucks but other times you find people who lift you up until you can do it on your own power.  I am one amoung many and for that I am grateful.

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