Can you remember…

My step dad has Alzheimer’s. He told me the worst part of the disease is not knowing why you can’t remember.

Do you remember being young? Remember when the biggest decision you had to make was what you wanted to wear for school or take for your lunch? I remember feeling so grown up when my mom finally let me stay out until the street lights went on. I remember being happy because I caught the ice cream truck after chasing it for two blocks. I remember when the only requirement to having a friend, was whether or not you had cool toys or a pool in your backyard. I remember learning to swim, and when I did, I knew I was invincible. I remember believing that the more my knees were skinned, the tougher people would think I was. I remember thinking that tree in my backyard was just about as tall as a sky scraper. I remember telling myself that if I could climb it, I’d be able to reach heaven. I remember digging holes, in hopes that I’d dig my way to China. I remember thinking once, I’d dug to China – and they were not very friendly. I remember mending my cats wounds after he’d been in a cat fight, and thinking that one day I’d be a veterinarian. I remember when blood didn’t gross me out. I remember believing in Santa Claus and one time…I thought I saw him. I remember – thinking my parents were old and that they didn’t know anything. I remember when I thought boys were gross. I remember when I thought boys were cool. I remember when I thought no boy could break my heart and then one did. I remember when I wished I could run away. I remember running away then coming home, and wishing I’d never left. I remember being young, not knowing what it was to feel old. I remember wishing I could be a grown up. I remember wishing that growing up, was easier. I remember thinking that I had grown up…then realizing I hadn’t. Today I remembered things that I tried to forget and then I was thankful that I wasn’t able to.

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