My life has been defined by my choices.  Some choices cost me more than I expected; some cost me more than I had to give.  Choice was not something I earned and in hindsight I believe it should have been.  Choices I’ve made have brought me closer to some people – and miles away from  others.  With choice I have felt empowered, burdened, resentful and sometimes have felt all three at the same time.  I have made choices based on fact or what I believed to be facts and later discovered they were really just opinions.  Choices have set me free and other times imprisoned me; they have created the illusion of freedom when in reality I was anything but free.  Some choices brought me to a road less travelled; some sent me down a beaten path.  I have reaped the benefits of some choices and been left desolate by others.  Choice has been difficult and sometimes been so easy that it required little thought.  I have made choices based on knowledge and made  some out of ignorance.  My choices have caused pain – sometimes to  myself but countless times to others.  Some choices changed my life; some caused my life to remain exactly the same.  I have been defined by my choices or left indistinct because of them.  Choices carried me through pain or submerged me into it.  Choices have followed me even when I ran away after making them.

A Life is defined by choice.  Greedily we hang on to choice using it as a tool to influence the choice of others.  Consequence is the inevitable result of choice.  At the end of our life choice is taken away as swiftly as it was given.  Choice exists only to those who are aware of its purpose and can only be owned by those strong enough to carry its burden and courageous enough to accept its consequence.

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