Beyond Words

I’ve always loved words, mostly written ones because they have less room for error in translation, they can express feelings, cause anger or sadness in a matter of seconds simply by the act of being heard.  When words are heard they become real, when they remain in your head they have meaning only to you, write them on paper and they belong to everyone that reads them.  They drift upon the air sometimes with an intended destination, sometimes not.  Sometimes they are misguided and their target becomes less about geography and more about intention.  Words can be given but they cannot be taken, once they have been possessed, they are owned forever.  Sometimes words have meaning, sometimes they are meaningless and are simply sounds thrown into the universe for no real purpose.   Words can be used as a weapon, thrown like a dagger through the heart.  Words have life even though they have no heart outside of their creator.   They can be used to comfort, to forget, to deny.  Words can be a release, or they can bind you to a moment that can never be erased. 

What happens when there is nothing else to say?  When words are the fuel to the fire that can’t be extinguished.  When words are held as ransom or punishment in order to inflict pain.  When words become nothing less than syllables floating in limbo.  When life ends, where do our words go?  Do they replay in the heads of those we love or hate and become their words by default?  Do words have Eminent Domain?  Are they like those gum wrappers that litter the street, they don’t disintegrate no matter how many feet have walked upon them?

Beyond words there is death.  Speak now or forever hold your peace.

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