A Year of Firsts

Do you remember when having a ‘first moment’ in a year was an easy thing to do?  First kiss, first love, first car, first speeding ticket….it was easy back then when the years were not piled so high and there were more moments you hadn’t experienced than ones you had.  When we’re young we take for granted that after one first moment there will be another that follows not long after; we take it for granted because in most young lives this rings true.  The years pass by, the first moments become few and far between either because we’ve been lucky enough to lead a full life or we’ve been terrified to try.  Some firsts change your life for the better like the first time you see your childs face or the first time you hold them; after these firsts you are inevitably changed forever – or at least you should be.  But some firsts leave a mark behind, one that even time cannot erase;  the first year you spend a New Year’s Eve alone, the first time you feel your heart-break, the first time you cry for someone else instead of yourself, the first time you start a year without a parent or a child. 

Instead of making a new year’s resolution tied to one thought, one object, one moment – make one on new possibilities.  We all know that life is shorter than we ever expected it to be and sometimes it’s snatched out from under us just when we’re figuring things out so do not waste another year without at least trying to fill it with many firsts.

Climb a mountain or come down from one, Run a marathon or stop and catch your breath, fall in love or walk away from love to love yourself more – whatever your first may be, make it matter.

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