Closer to Heaven

As I sit upon this lifeless bird, soaring through the skies I gaze upon from below,
I wonder how far away heaven is and wish that I had a compass to guide me closer.

My life looks so small from up here, insignificant and camouflaged among the millions of other lives scattered below.

The mechanical bird glides carelessly seemingly unaware of what exists beneath it, for it has a destination and its focus remains steady.

Part of me wishes to throw caution to the wind and ride this vessel as far as it can take me, hoping that it will pause along the way, just briefly, for me to contemplate the choice I’ve made.

But alas time knows no rewind for once it finds a forward motion, no amount of science or prayer can turn it back.

It continues with no conscience and shows no pity for hasty decisions,
regret is for those that cannot accept what is and have no hope for what may be.

Maybe you are there, watching me from the heavens; maybe you are closer than I know.
Can you touch me, just once upon my shoulder to let me know I’m heading in the right direction?

As I pass by, reach for me and my arms will be widespread.
Bring me closer to the heavens, for a moment, not a lifetime;
Just long enough for me to see your face and feel your love again.

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