A mother sacrifices.  She sacrifices for her children without hesitation, even when they turn away from her.  She sacrifices her happiness, her peaceful existence, her  needs – because her needs fall second or sometimes – last.  We often overlook her sacrifice because it has been present so much of our life that it’s been taken for granted and become part of who she is.  We praise it her one day of the year, a holiday marked by a greeting card company’; the other days mostly fade into the tapestry she has woven around us.  But sometimes, something happens where we are given privelage to observe her sacrifice, her strength as if we were a fly on the wall.  My mother has been sacrificing for years, the past 7 have been for her husband.  I knew what she did for him, the countless advocate sessions on his behalf at each nursing home he landed at, the endless hours she sat by his side feeding him, cleaning him, and being the friend he needed.  But the past weeks as death made its way towards him, my mother gave more – which seems impossible in itself.  I watched her fret over the mis-treatment of her husband, watched her fight for a small ounce of dignity he deserved but was being denied.  She won a small battle and had him moved to a hospice, the last gift she could give this man.

As his death grew near, she sat by his side praying the rosary, reminiscing their life together, beautifully painting the image of the path that would take him to heaven.  She held back her tears and let them go silently away from his side.  I have never witnessed such selflessness and it made me realized how little we recognize, cherish, repay…the debt we owe to our mothers.

My step father was so lucky that God decided that he deserved to know my mother and I am sure he is smiling down from heaven and sending a prayer her way that the other people in her life may know her, the way he did.

God Bless you mom.


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